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Contact us

Lim-Tec (Beijing) Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd.

Address:North 5 miles Tongshun road tongzhou district Beijing  Code:101118
Email:info@lim-tec.com Website:www.lim-tec.com

China Langfang production base

Address:Circuit court west, Fuxi Road, Iindustrial Center of chao bai river,Dachang Hui Autonomous County ,Langfang city, Hebei province ,China
Email:info@lim-tec.com (Russia, Asia) ; vera.zha@lim-tec.com(Europe) Website:www.lim-tec.com

Export department

  • Tel/Mob/Whatsapp:86-13311099286 Fax:     0086-316-5276189 Email:info@lim-tec.com Contact:Ms. Shirley (Russia, Asia, America, Africa )
  • Tel/Mob/Whatsapp:+86-13691276470,15243337807 Fax:     0086-316-5276189 Email:vera.zha@lim-tec.com Contact:Ms. Vera (Europe, America, Africa )