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Lim-Tec Servo Electric Slide

Combination of XYZ multi-axis robot sliding platform modules
Special dust-free sliding table design

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Servo Electric Slide Bevel Gear Box

Lim-Tec Servo Linear Module

Built-in precision ball screw or synchronous belt, maintenance free

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A dustproof structure designed to protect the interior with high rigidity and small volume. coupling.Product composition diversification to achieve diversification of the combined form. High precision with pre - pressure mining angular bearing, high precision. Repositioning Accuracy:±0.02mm.Ball screw adopts grinding nut and shaft to achieve high precision and low noise. The internal ball circulation mode is adopted to increase the DN value and realize high-speed operation. High quality heat treatment technology. The coupling has high distortion rigidity and precise position control. Easy to assemble with motor. Low inertia ,suitable for small motor .The two ends of the synchronous wheel and belt are composed of two synchronous wheels and belt. In order to prevent the synchronous wheel from detaching and the belt tension is loose, a belt tension adjusting device is set.

Ball screw electric slideTiming belt electric slide

Detailed introduction Detailed introduction

Model:DG60, 100,135,170,210
Maximum load weight:30kg - 150kg
The maximum speed is:1000mm/s
Position accuracy: ± 0.02mm (closed loop reaches 0.01mm)
Match any European, American and Japanese servo motor driver

Maximum load weight:10kg - 40kg
The maximum speed is:2000mm/s
Position accuracy:±0.04mm
Match any European, American and Japanese servo motor driver

Servo motor installation

  • M----Built-in motor

  • BC--motor directly connected external

  • BL-----Motor external left

  • BR-------Motor external right

  • BD------Below the external motor

  • BU----Motor external above

  • DL-----Motor is set to the left

  • DR---Motor is set to the right

  • UL---Motor top left

  • UR-----Motor top facing right

Combination form of electric slide

  • XY-polar coordinate P type can add towline

  • XYZ---polar coordinate P type can be

  • XX-S type can add towline

  • XYZ-M type can add towline

  • XY--cantilever type A can be added towline

  • XYZ---cantilever type A can be added towline

  • XY -- Longmen G type can add towline

  • XYZ-Longmen G type can add towline

  • XYZ-Z double drive D type can add towline

  • XYY-X double drive type D can add towline

  • xyz-desktop robot can add towline

  • XZ-F type can add towline

  • XY--cantilever A type---add auxiliary rail

  • XYZ--cantilever A type---add auxiliary rail

  • XYZ-Double Z axis gantry G type can add towline

  • X-X dual-axis simultaneous motion

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